Like a girl

Inspired by the better angels of our nature, comes two great social media moments. Like a local Oreo cookie moment, The Standard
The past year has seen women making great strides. For the first time in our nation's history, we have a woman running for president. If the trends hold, women will make up the majority of voters in 2016. The fact is, without women, no candidate of either party can win the U.S. presidency. It's also becoming more apparent that without women, the wine industry would be in very big trouble.
My mom worked tirelessly to break me out of the ice tray society froze their daughters in.
Why AREN'T there more female emojis, anyway?
"These expectations have a profound effect on their confidence, especially at puberty. But I believe there are things we
According to Always, a survey of 1,800 people conducted after the first ad indicated that 76 percent of women ages 16 to
It's easy to pretend that the phrases "girly girl" or "boys will be boys" don't exist or don't mean anything, but they do. Whatever the speaker's intent, these phrases, which I've used myself, are limiting.
the difference between like a boy and like a girl is that "#LikeABoy" has never been used as a generalized insult against
“When you have a message that really addresses such an important and a real issue and it's done in a way that is very consistent