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A new report shows pollsters' judgment can result in an 8-point difference.
Climate deniers in Congress must be delighted that they are successfully undermining the chance that after 20 years of negotiations, the international community will finally reach a climate deal this year. It is up to the rest of us to make sure their success is short-lived. Very short-lived, in fact.
The wide difference in Virginia, compared to the average difference of 0.7 percent among all competitive states, demonstrates
The report estimates that while just about 40 percent of eligible Americans will turn out to vote, 73 percent of those with
Iowa remains ground zero for the fight for the Senate, and for early voting mobilization activities. As of Friday, 119,141 Iowans had voted in the 2014 general election, representing 10.5 percent of the total vote in 2010.
So, although eligible voters have always been overwhelmingly supportive of the President's position on this, the people who
Registered voters, likely voters, undecided voters... they're all anyone is talking about leading into tomorrow's election
Obama seems to have a lead in the Electoral College, although even that is less assured today than in was three weeks ago. It is increasingly likely that either the national vote total or the Electoral College be decided by a very small percentage of voters.
What's happening in your district? The Huffington Post wants to know about all the campaign ads, mailers, robocalls, candidate
Consider the criticism leveled at the Pew Research Center poll released last week that showed President Barack Obama leading
The poll released this past weekend by a conservative Wisconsin think tank did more than indicate a preference for compromise
The Quinnipiac Polling Institute uses live interviewers. They opted to reply to my questions with an update of their response
Why are some pollsters producing results among "likely voters" that vary, either over time or compared to other pollsters
PPP finds New Yorkers don't want a "Ground Zero Mosque," but think the developers have a right to build it. David Hill parses
Having previously cast a vote in their precinct (65% of adults) Always or nearly always voting (63%) Knowing where people
I am told, however, that there the Lincoln campaign and allies of the Halter campaign (presumably organized Labor) did conduct
My National Journal column for this week looks at the "modeling" that underlies both online panel surveys and all pre-election
Finally, I want to follow-up on two of Nate's comments. Here's the first: But here's the catch: So does CBS. I also emailed
My column for this week looks back at how the polls performed in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary for Senate and one potentially