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Bottle-feeding therapy touches on some of the factors that make eating disorders hard to treat.
"Unfortunately a woman, right when she's really at her prime, she becomes invisible."
Lili Taylor stars as the mother of a struggling teenage son in season 2 of "American Crime." She joins HuffPost Live to discuss
Soderbergh may have left Hollywood behind, but he hasn't entirely abandoned the craft of filmmaking.
If you're an awards junkie, then you already know the likely Oscar nominees. Just to be contrary, I thought I'd nominate people and films who, like boss Jim Gettys, have something less than a chance. These are the films and performances of 2013 that should be considered, but won't be.
In the video above Abrams and Wyman show a sneak peek at the futuristic crime drama. If sci-fi and crime procedurals are
Go behind the scenes of "Almost Human's" publicity photo shoot with stars Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Minka Kelly and Lili Taylor. Airing on Fox in November.
Urban is perhaps best known to viewers for taking over the iconic role of Leonard "Bones" McCoy in Abrams' rebooted "Star
This weekend, you had your choice of an atmospheric, based-on-a-true-story ghost tale with The Conjuring, or ride along with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as afterlife cops in the effect-enhanced action-fantasy-comedy R.I.P.D.
It's always a pleasant surprise to happen upon a movie that achievers the level of suspense or just plain creepiness that The Conjuring manages. It calls to mind films like The Exorcist, which understood that the less you saw, the scarier it got.
When I got the chance to attend the premiere of The Conjuring I jumped at the chance although I was a tad bit nervous that I would embarrass myself by screaming during the scary parts.
And technically "Tokyo Drift" takes place between "Fast and Furious 6" and your movie. Yeah, it's pretty fun, the timeline
"Lost" star Naveen Andrews is back in business with ABC, having been cast in the network's new drama pilot, "Reckless." According
Trevor Donovan is returning to "90210." Donovan, who plays Teddy, will appear in the first two episodes of Season 5 and could
A young girl is forced to confront inconvenient truths both global and personal in the drama Future Weather.
2010-09-20-Screenshot20100920at10.24.46AM.pngI founded ASF with a singular mission: to support women filmmakers.
He was sleep-deprived, had been put in isolation and sexually humiliated.
Because of the staggered nature of TV seasons these days, actors are suddenly available for more than one series at once -- and can have two or more shows on the air at the same time.