Lilly Singh

The talk show host played an Academy Award statue in a bit that turned raunchy.
The talk show host sniped at the ex-"Full House" star after she served her time in the college admissions scandal.
The "Little Late" host swiped at people who do one particularly annoying and risky thing.
"You seem a lot taller now that you're rich and famous," the "Criminal Minds" star told her former beau on Lilly Singh's talk show.
“There is no definitely proven drug that is effective against this disease," said the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
"The Neighborhood" actor and co-star Beth Behrs didn't get bent out of shape.
Lil Nas X, Lilly Singh, Sam Smith and more were powerful reminders of the significance of queer representation in the final year of the decade.
The host of "A Little Late" ripped so-called "fairness creams" in a bit about makeup.
Priyanka Chopra said "destroy him," and Singh told James Corden she obliged.
The "Pitch Perfect" star's mother has control of his account. "She will comment on photos as if it’s me," he told Lilly Singh.