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NEW YORK — The American heroes of the space race are well-known: Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and more. But less
Watch the clip above to hear more on what it's like being married to an astronaut. "After the lunar flight, I think sometimes
According to Koppel, astronauts' spouses went from being unknown military wives to Life magazine cover stars, and were under
As the US Mercury Seven astronauts raced to the moon, TV cameras focused on their young wives. These women were transformed from military spouses into American royalty. This is the real story of the women who rallied together and are friends today.
Author Lily Koppel, Jane Dreyfus and Sue Bean join Ricky to discuss the stress that marriage to an astronaut put on relationships.
From hidden in a teenage diary with a key, 92-year-old Florence was revealed in a book. She arrived in New York City last week from her winter home in Pompano Beach, Florida to kick off The Red Leather Diary book tour.
That first night with the diary when I was 22, in 2003, I slipped under the covers and continued to read. I followed Florence's adventures into the night. Time seemed to do a backbend, like in yoga.
Three years ago, late for work at The New York Times, I stepped out of my Upper West Side apartment building to encounter a dumpster filled with old steamer trunks plastered with vintage travel labels. Unhesitatingly, I climbed up and into what felt like my own movie.