Limbaugh further differentiated himself from liberal critics by highlighting those concerns. "There's another reason the
Why isn't the Christian church, black and white together, rising up in one voice and demanding justice throughout the land?
Rush Asks If Sen. Cochran's Winning Campaign Slogan Was "Uncle Toms For Thad"
Rush Limbaugh compared Democrat-led filibuster reform to rape on his radio show on Friday. Shock may be part of his shtick
(h/t Mediaite) He said that the negotiations wrapped up very recently, and insisted that the show was "never going to change
We're (still) being forced to swim in the muck of Anthony Weiner's sextcapades, and now we know who's at fault. It's Hillary Clinton. Weiner's wife Huma Abedin is standing by her man, and the press and pundits alike are saying it's because she took lessons from Hillary.
Richard Bey and Jeremy Newberger join Ricky to discuss how Morton Downey Jr paved the way for Sean Hannity.
Rush Limbaugh Viciously Discredits Obama, Christie Relationship
Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz was caught on a hidden camera recently, talking smack about one of the most influential and least constructive people in America: Rush Limbaugh.
Policy-wise, the GOP is an entity that literally lacks any new ideas, has no interest in governing and has rejected all of its own policy positions from as recently as early 2008.
The conservative media dug up a 1996 video purported to show that Obama was a socialist. Nothing. They tried to resurrect the controversy over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Nada. "We built that!" -- a waste of the convention banner budget.
"I see, we're losing!" Limbaugh snapped. "We've arrived at a point where the president of the United States is going to lead
Rush Limbaugh is fighting back against the National Organization for Women, the progressive women's group that has been targeting
Rush Limbaugh, the longstanding undisputed king of conservative talk radio who’s been dogged by controversy recently, is
Steve Landsburg, an economics professor at Rochester, said on his blog that Fluke's advocacy for having contraception covered
We might all learn something from how Stewart dealt with Limbaugh's remarks, including his insinuation that the amount of
Clear Channel Communications, the broadcasting conglomerate that owns Limbaugh syndicator Premier Radio Networks, has also