lin wood

Lin Wood asked officials in his home state of Georgia to “retire” his law license, citing “disciplinary proceedings pending against me.”
"I worship Jesus. Not Q," the former QAnon follower and lawyer to Kyle Rittenhouse wrote.
Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others must pay the legal fees of Michigan officials they targeted to try to overturn 2020 presidential election results.
The fracture in the QAnon movement has continued to widen after Kyle Rittenhouse called Wood "insane."
Wood asked to meet with Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn, who have distanced themselves from him, to address a "division" in a "critical time."
Veronica Wolski was known for spreading anti-vaccine and pro-QAnon messages.
The Michigan Attorney General wants Donald Trump's former attorneys to face the consequences of pursuing what the call frivolous claims regarding the 2020 election.
A pro-Trump lawyer urged the president’s supporters to stash “second amendment suppplies” to prepare for the future under Joe Biden.