lincoln memorial

If you're planning to visit our nation's capital, don't make these errors.
The vice president's stair workout had a Secret Service agent hustling to keep up.
Lori Marie Key, a Detroit nurse who went viral for singing the song at her hospital, gave an emotional rendition at the inauguration eve memorial for coronavirus victims.
The inaugural committee has encouraged all Americans to participate Tuesday by lighting a candle in their windows.
A ceremony around the Lincoln Memorial to remember the dead will set the tone for the president-elect's inauguration.
Dozens of National Guard troops were seen on the memorial's steps as peaceful protesters gathered below.
The woman asked the president to stop his combative language and evasive behavior toward the press.
Not all sects of the fringe movement spew hateful rhetoric, but some Black Hebrew Israelites subscribe to an extreme set of anti-Semitic beliefs.
The Army also "manned the air and rammed the ramparts," Trump said at the Lincoln Memorial.