linda evangelista

The supermodel doesn't "recognize" herself after CoolSculpting gave her hard lumps of fat that chafe almost to the point of bleeding.
The supermodel detailed her alleged income loss in a $50 million lawsuit after a "fat-freezing" process "disfigured" her, she said.
The 1990s supermodel said she is now a recluse in the "lowest depths of self-loathing."
The beloved fashion photographer, who helped launch the careers of some of the most recognizable supermodels, died on Tuesday at age 74.
The renowned fashion photographer died on Tuesday.
Lindbergh was renowned for his cinematic, elegant style.
From blonde and black faux locs to cotton candy Afro wigs, Linda Evangelista has donned many 'dos.
It was the cut that catapulted her to superstardom. "Sure, I like my short hair," she told People magazine. "It also quadrupled my rate."
Standards of beauty in American society may not have changed much over time, but we believe that beauty is truly in the eye