linda harvey

I have a strong, healthy dose of self-esteem. This is fortunate because recently there has been a steady stream of damaging messages coming from the media, politicians and religious leaders. There are plenty of voices proclaiming that there is something wrong with me.
She continued: He went on to imply that Beyoncé's "Sasha Fierce" persona (as seen on her 2008 album, "I Am...Sasha Fierce
Religious radicals are marketers of mistreatment, and it's time to call them on it. It is amazing what indecent things some people say and do in the name of decency.
As Right Wing Watch reported, Harvey called the controversies "totally unnecessary" and "homosexually-instigated," before
"Ex-gay" activist Stephen Bennett fired off at the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in an interview
Mission America's Linda Harvey offered up one of her now-signature rants against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
Listen to audio of Harvey's remarks, courtesy of Right Wing Watch, below: "Your body is made to eat, otherwise you will starve
She's also argued in favor of Russia's controversial "gay propaganda laws," according to Right Wing Watch. Mission America