linda lovelace

Lovelace does more than any mainstream effort I know of to debunk the myth that pornography is just a fantasy.
Sharon Stone, who famously uncrossed and recrossed her sexy legs in the 1992 hit movie "Basic Instinct," has some advice for younger actresses: don't be afraid to get naked.
The 55-year-old mother of three told WENN: “I feel that it’s so disappointing in films when you see the comforter taped to
Amanda Seyfried's latest film role is a risky one. The 27-year-old actress stars in "Lovelace" as the late porn star Linda Lovelace, famous for her role in the '70s pornographic film, "Deep Throat."
"This is the riskiest thing that's happening in Hollywood right now," Seyfried said in an interview with The Sunday Times
Aside from the physical sex acts, do you think there are a lot of differences in the production of straight and gay porn
The fact that porn has become such a punchline in our culture -- something that is joked about in mainstream humor as a signifier for all that is horny, male and, often, lower-class -- is hard to believe, from the perspective of the social history captured in Lovelace.
Amanda revealed that she had her first encounter with porn at the extremely young age of 6. GQ recently sat down with Amanda
In the vein of 1995's "The Celluloid Closet," the Oscar-winning directors will return to their signature documentaries in
The 63rd International Filmfestspiele Berlin delivered the marriage of the personal/universal with flashes of outright genius in films of remarkable emotional depth, variety and originality.