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Legislation from California Rep. Linda Sánchez would also deny the ex-president the usual post-presidency pension of about $220,000 a year.
Hours after the inauguration, lawmakers said they would try to protect Dreamers from the new president's policies.
When asked about her position on Judicial Detention Centers and Border Kids, Rep. Sanchez was clear: She supports the closure of family detention centers that have come under fire by a variety of immigration support groups.
Rep. Ruben Gallego and his mother, when he was serving as a Marine. (Courtesy of Gallego's office) His father, who is now
The use of the noncompete is apparently at the discretion of individual franchisees, and HuffPost knows of no instances in
Momentum continues to build inside and outside the halls of Congress to reverse course on the single-minded quest to cut Social Security benefits which has dominated our political discourse for years.
The unemployment rate for female vets is more than twice that of their male counterparts. Many are seeking self-employment as an option. Is it working?
Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, who is on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, doesn’t see the employment situation improving
When asked if he thought the AFL-CIO was spending too many of its resources on electing politicians and not enough on encouraging
Congress has still not reached an agreement on whether or not to keep the federal student loan interest rate at 3.4 percent