Linda Scott

Texas police say Stephen Scott brutally stabbed his parents, leaving behind a "sickening" crime scene.
The stark problem of inequality was a major theme in my global discussions this month. Inequality (gender and economic) causes huge gaps in who can get a good education, but it also creates gaps in who are unable to use their education for employment.
I ask her about her research and concern for gender equality. Her thorough analysis of the global situation makes it clear that gender inequality is not only cruel, but also economically disadvantageous. In our interview, Linda shares her tips for what educators and parents can do to combat gender inequality.
Professor Scott works with multinational companies, NGOs, and governments on programs designed to help women economically. She also curates Power Shift: The Oxford Forum for Women in the World Economy, an annual symposium.
How is technology helping women's plight? What effective steps have been taken to educate girls and boys on the AIDS issue? What can private firms and corporations do to promote women's equality in the workplace and in society?