Conclusion: The parenting role of the father to his daughter may be one of the most difficult and significant of human relationships.
Nonis uses no gradients, his color is pure, luminous, pulsating color. Whether in subtle dual-tone pattern fields, kaleidoscopic
As many creatives embrace new technology to enhance or supersede mediums that are centuries old, others continue to find inspiration in the tactility of pencil on paper, oil on canvas -- or in the case of Ellen Weider, the technique of drypoint.
I'm not famous; it's not why I do it. I do it to "make art out of the fabric of my life," and to find something universal from the microcosm of my own life's experiences. I believe powerfully and mightily in the art form.
Something has been missing. The ability to communicate one-to-one privately has been lost in the world of social applications. Many-to-many has a place and is relevant much of the time.
Man threatens to stab Kmart customers as Black Friday line gets ugly
If there is one dish I consider a quintessentially summer food, it would be the lobster roll.