It's official now. Google announced this week that Penguin is part of the core search engine algorithm and will affect real-time searches.
Try these link-building tricks for the best results.
In order to remain in good standing with Google's different algorithm updates, it is important to make sure your content has absolutely no broken links. Content should always be focused on user experience. Information should be purposeful and useful...and current.
After hearing about all of the great benefits that go along with developing microsites for niche audiences, website owners often excitedly create several before sitting back and excitedly awaiting the promised results. Here's the thing, though: New microsites are typically way off of Google's radar.
Sophisticated SEO is built around the idea that connecting to an audience is no longer about who has the loudest voice. Rather, the focus is on determining what your audience needs and creating a resource for them.
In the end, building links is really about engaging in a strategic content marketing campaign. That means publishing awesome content, both on your website and off your website.
Well-known industry players are starting to say that content strategy is the new SEO. Some argue that traditional link building strategies are dead. Links are still the most important factor in the ranking algorithm, but the "valuable" thing is simply unique, high-quality, valuable content.