"Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if the biggest Asian-American superhero met the biggest Asian-American sports star?"
We must be insane. And there must be more to it than that. To help get some perspective -- and perhaps to help us find our bearings, I interviewed senior lecturer of Psychology from Leeds Beckett University, Steven Taylor, who is the author of Back to Sanity:
His time in Los Angeles will influence Asian Americans, particularly male youth, in countless ways (not to mention those jersey sales.) All eyes will be on the California native, to see what he'll do for Los Angeles.
Watch the video for more. Jason Chu, an Asian-American hip-hop artist, commented on the importance of differentiating the
The film "Linsanity" delves into Jeremy Lin's relationship to his faith and his self-identification as a devout Christian. As 'The Young & The Faithful' series continues, we talk to Asian-American Millennials about God and the role of religion.
When it happened in the spring of 2012, the Jeremy Lin phenomenon -- commonly referred to as Linsanity, from which the new documentary takes its name -- was startling for its prevalence.
Say you're Evan Leong, a sixth-generation Chinese-American in search of the perfect subject for a documentary. Maybe you're
Is it really that hard to write a female character who is brilliant at her job but mentally sound? And if you need to make her interesting is it too much to ask that you simply write a back-story for her?
His points and shooting percentages are far lower than what he had with the Knicks, but part of that is that he's just not
NBA sensation Jeremy Lin chatted with me at SXSW about his brand new documentary, Linsanity the movie, appearing in various YouTube videos and the overall message he wants fans to take away from his new film.
It may not be Christmas quite yet, but it's far enough along in the NBA season where one can begin to assess which players
Jeremy Lin returned to the scene of the crime last night. The sports world was gripped with Linsanity last season thanks to his unlikely story. But now he's with Houston and in last night's homecoming he scored 22 points.
I'm sad that Linsanity turned out to be a sham. The truth is that Jeremy Lin can't play. At least not at the highest levels. And no amount of "Linsanity" can change that.
Does our powerful belief in hot streaks, even if it's a false belief, still affect games? That is, do players play differently when they believe they are hot? Or if they believe a teammate is on a roll?
Despite signing a lucrative contract with the Houston Rockets during the offseason, Jeremy Lin still seems to be struggling
Lin would never quite regain the brilliance of those middle weeks in February and eventually suffered a season-ending injury
Many Knicks fans were heartbroken in July when the franchise refused to match a $25 million offer by the Houston Rockets
Charles Barkley knows who he would take given the choice. Over the weekend, Barkley made an appearance on the NFL Network's
Can we imagine this sort of accusation getting leveled at someone of, shall we say, more typical NBA extraction? We are talking