The king of the beasts took on the Usain Bolt of all cats in South Africa.
The king of the beasts performed a feat of strength to finish the hunt in South Africa.
The king of the beasts wandered into a South African river and became the subject of a desperate struggle with hippos.
A clan of the scavengers surrounded the young male lion, and they weren't laughing.
The mom and her new cub did it all on their own in South Africa.
Zoo Knoxville says the 4-week-old African lion cub died of a fatal injury inflicted on her by her mother, who was recovering from anesthesia after surgery.
The big cat and the hyena fought in a battle of wills in South Africa.
A swarm of hyenas and vultures discovered why it's best not to mess with the king's meal in South Africa.
The calf appeared to be left for dead in Kenya's Masai Mara.
She disappeared by the time security got to the scene, and was apparently unharmed.