lionel messi

The legendary soccer star cried at a press conference Sunday, saying he did everything possible to stay with the Catalan club, including reducing his salary by 50%.
Barcelona said in a statement that a deal for a new contract had been reached but financial “obstacles” made it impossible for the player to remain with the club.
The all-time great led Argentina to the Copa America championship against Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.
Mara Gómez is currently awaiting the Argentine Soccer Federation’s final decision on whether or not she made the league.
Reza Parastesh of Iran is living the life — without scoring a single goal.
With regards to Messi, there could be a bit of a complication as he had already planned getting married to his long-time
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But he likely won't serve prison time for tax fraud.
With the NBA finals finishing on the weekend, the USA has a perfectly timed opportunity to steal the American sports spotlight for a few days.
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His family soon became worried that he'd be kidnapped.