lip injections

Not all injectables are meant to be used on the lips. This writer learned the hard way.
“It’s like Kylie singlehandedly gave a whole generation the ticket to a more enhanced version of themselves.”
Linda Gomez started experimenting with naturally enhancing her lips at the age of 50. She noticed that as she aged, her lips were getting thinner. She didn't want surgery or injections and she realized that when someone kisses you and sucks on your lips, your lips become fuller.
She also confirmed that she takes a standard 10 percent of her daughters' earnings as their momager.
Sticking needles in your lips doesn't sound like our idea of a good time. But Britney Spears, ever the happy-go-lucky type
If women, especially public figures, keep giving into this bizarre fake ideal of what beauty is, the cycle will never end.
Sadly, there's no back lash against giant fish lips in Hollywood, and Megan Fox leads the list of new victims! Here's why.