This nonsurgical procedure is gaining popularity, especially among individuals who want a more natural look.
The 21-year-old briefly got rid of her lip fillers last year.
Whether you're low maintenance or just like the natural look, sheer lipsticks are great.
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Aamito Lagum has no time for the haters.
Kissing isn't only fun to do, but is also very beneficial to your health. We break down the science behind the kiss and the health benefits of making out.
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Linda Gomez started experimenting with naturally enhancing her lips at the age of 50. She noticed that as she aged, her lips were getting thinner. She didn't want surgery or injections and she realized that when someone kisses you and sucks on your lips, your lips become fuller.
New Zealander Steph Brown and West Virginia-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Fen Ikner are Lips, an electronic pop act characterised by a girl with giant lips for a head.
It also highlights what many consider to be a double standard. Derrick Clifton wrote on Mic last month that the public fanfare
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Lips get their shape in part from collagen. But as the body ages, the body produces less of this critical protein, and the
Two martinis and three sushi rolls later, I am finding the whole evening rather funny. D is not laughing -- or maybe she is... it will be easier to tell in a few months when the botox wears off.
Judging by the boldness of summer's new lipsticks and glosses, it seems safe to proclaim this season a time for vivid color. "I'm loving a '50s-meets-Hawaiian vibe for summer," says the Aussie authority on the topic, Poppy King.