Lipscomb University

The meeting was ostensibly so school leaders could learn more about black students to help them succeed.
America can place the entire tragedy into its distant memory or it can recommit to the most promising approach to long-term human progress: non-violent expression, constructive dialogue and decisive action to eliminate every unfairness in our society.
It's my hope that the movement of atheist organizations into communities throughout our nation will motivate the honest discussion of religious beliefs. Those who believe and those who don't should be able to share perspectives, and ultimately, decide what narrative is real.
America historically has always been extremely good at "fixing" itself. Do we still have the stuff we need to make progress in critical political and social disagreements?
Universities must be proactive to stay on top of the waves of changes facing them and work daily to create not only excellent institutions but those that are cost-competitive and relevant to the needs of students today... and tomorrow.
Third Man Records has embarked on a new project to not only keep vinyl alive, but to introduce it to a new generation of musicians.
1. The "new normal" may be permanent. In a conversation with our state's newly elected governor, Bill Haslam of Tennessee
What do you think? Should college 3 years? Or is that too short? Share your comments below. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn