lipstick tips

I decided to kick off the challenge with a little theme: "I Love the '90s." Nude, brown, and peach-toned lips are a huge
A bold lip is fun and makes a statement...until it starts to smudge. So how do you get it to stay put? We called on New York City celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt to give us the scoop on how he makes a bright hue stay in place and last all night--and kiss your lip prints goodbye.
Finding the perfect red lipstick can be something of a lifelong challenge. Just thinking about the different formulas, shades, and textures is enough to make someone go crazy! Cue makeup artists whose literal job it is to find and test said lipsticks.
3...fading: Lightly dust lips with loose powder before swiping on color. Matte formulas stay put better, but if you're going
Splurge on a high-end brand, if you want Tess says: "The only thing I invest in is my lipstick -- it stays better and feels
Lip colors are one of the key products to creating a stellar makeup look. Whether they are an accessory to your sultry eyes or a statement on their own, no one wants their lipstick disappearing by lunch time.