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Multiple others were taken to a hospital following the leak at Prime Pak Foods in Gainesville, local officials said.
Light up your night (and maybe your insides, too).
Want to levitate? All you need are magnets, liquid nitrogen and superconductors. Well, maybe not exactly. But if you want
Charlie Francis is the founder of the best named ice cream in the world, "Lick me I'm Delicious." Could the molecular gastronomy
The Huffington Post's Katie Linendoll recently sat down with Dave Arnold, a partner at the bar Booker and Dax in New York
Ever wonder what happens when you drop a bottle of liquid nitrogen into a bucket full of ping pong balls? Check it out in
Listen in as Top Chef Richard Blais dishes about his liquid nitrogen cocktails, why he's moved to California and how to pack the perfect kids' picnic on the beach!
Coqueta inhabits the new futuristic realm in which restaurants are designed to be more than just places where we eat. This new culinary realm, chef Chiarello explains, "fills an experiential void" for urban Americans who are drained by stress and boredom.
How I Did It: Robyn Sue Fisher has discovered a way to make ice cream taste even better by using her own super high-tech ice cream machine dubbed “Kelvin” which uses liquid nitrogen. This ice cream machine was developed over the course of 2 years with the help of a NASA engineer.
Most of us have been to a funeral, and we've seen a coffin get lowered into the ground. But we don't really stop to think
Huffpost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria talks about the future of the death industry, including ways to "green up" burial practices.
Things get really crazy though when Brown busts out the liquid nitrogen. It's a goofy segment that almost makes us want to
Doctors operated immediately, and Scanlon's stomach was removed. Police say she would have died had surgeons not performed
Photo Credit: Youth Radio Just to make sure that eating it doesn’t have any health side effects, Youth Radio spoke with Barb
What happens when you mix a bottle of liquid nitrogen with a trashcan full of ping pong balls? Something awesome! Plymouth
In a YouTube video taken during one of Lowry's classes, the professor places a sealed container of liquid nitrogen in a large
Safety precautions ignored in this video, When the LN2-filled bottle explodes, it appears to blow out the bottom rather than