Expect liquidation sales as the stores wind down operations by spring.
“This is not a liquidation. This is a reorganization,” Kathryn Carson, chairwoman of the board of directors, said.
The liquidation could put up to 33,000 U.S. jobs at risk.
Hostess' plans to shutter its bakeries and offices for good has rekindled snack nostalgia for many people, who were stocking
With Twitter users piling on the bakers' union Friday, labor groups including the AFL-CIO were quick to defend the union
A liquidation group led by Hilco Merchant Resources will begin liquidations as early as Friday, Borders said in a statement
Barnes & Noble reported a loss of $59.4 million, or $1.04 per share, for the fiscal fourth quarter ended April 30, nearly
The Government Accountability Office wants the White House to demonstrate, and actually quantify, what benefits U.S. auto
Here's the WSJ: A quick scan of the some of the properties the FDIC is currently trying to unload, via the agencies website