Fans of The Simpsons have been dreaming for decades now about getting the chance to visit Springfield. Well, that dream became a reality back on April 2nd of this year when Springfield officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.
This pooch is living the life she always deserved, thanks to one family who noticed her true beauty. Lisa the puppy arrived
Five years later, in many ways, I can say that I have "grown up" with Earth Force. In these past years, I have learned far more than five lessons about changemaking, but I would like to share some of these ideas.
Their "baby bag" of hospital supplies sat in the corner, because I was due to make an appearance at any moment. As they drifted to sleep in each other's arms, they dreamed together about who I might be in the world.
“The entire line of Lego 'The Simpsons' minifigures series is launching in May in major toy retailers nationwide for $3.99
Regarding their big music video launch, Lisa says, "This one is like the next level. We've never done a super professional
Lisa habitually eats her kitty's hair -- off the floor, off the couch -- but her favorite way is licking it right off the
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Dr. Chibaud had to get invovled when Linda and her sister Robin started fighting during the clean-up. Linda insisted it was