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In Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey's book, “She Said,” a 2016 memo allegedly sent by the attorney to the disgraced film executive viciously attacked Rose McGowan.
The high-profile attorney came under fire again amid new details published about the forthcoming "She Said," written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.
In light of Epstein's apparent suicide, his accusers say they want the financier's alleged accomplices to be held accountable for his crimes.
"In reality, nothing can erase the experience and memory of an assault," the model said on Thursday.
The woman who represents Roy Moore's latest accuser has a storied 40-year career as a civil rights attorney.
"It turns out nobody is ready to hear an apology when a shocking story comes out," Bloom admitted.
This is the way it works, even if you’re a lawyer known for representing victims of sexual harassment.
A recent lawsuit against the singer highlights the importance of being honest with your sexual partners.
The lawsuit claims the show left their house with holes in the floors, windows painted shut and shoddy carpeting.
Janice Dickinson's lawyer Lisa Bloom has some strong words for Bill Cosby and his legal team.
Sure, he'll be locked up (at least 60 years for Michael Dunn), but true justice requires a conviction for murder. This did not happen. The reason? Stand Your Ground.
I hate to ruin the ending of all this, but spoiler alert: My body and I have not yet become besties. We don't look at each other googly-eyed and trade positive affirmations daily. But we've come a long way.