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Lisa Edelstein promises a satisfying series finale of the Bravo series.
The actress also recalls her memorable "Seinfeld" appearances.
I will look forward to watching Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce tonight (the show airs Tuesday nights on Bravo), and probably for the whole season. Not just because of my business, but I'm curious and I really care about Abby (which is a credit to Edelstein and the producers).
Earlier this year, Lisa Edelstein found herself in a unique scenario: On May 25, she was marrying artist Robert Russell, and
"The Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce's" Lisa Edelstein talks with HuffPost Live about her early acting days, in which she starred alongside Rob Lowe on “The West Wing”.
To prevent brain injuries, the CDC outlines various everyday strategies like wearing your seat belt, using handrails and
That's the message in the newest trailer for Bravo's first scripted series "Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce," based off the
All the great international galleries filled the soundstages and open sets along the corridors and streets within Paramount.
In the Oct. 7 episode of ABC's "Castle" (Mondays at 10 p.m. ET), now in Season 6, Castle (Nathan Fillion) manages to insert