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"Seems like yesterday," Matt LeBlanc wrote, along with messages from Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow.
The "Friends" actress has an adult son named Julian.
Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow’s recent selfies with Jennifer Aniston are polar opposites.
Cause that's what "Friends" are for at a birthday celebration.
Coco Arquette made the "Friends" star happy that she held onto the frock. Lisa Kudrow chimed in her approval.
Kudrow shared a filtered snap of the "Friends" stars with a very tongue-in-cheek caption.
The grainy photograph, taken before the pilot aired, is around 25 years old.
The actress who played Phoebe discussed the sitcom's 25th anniversary at a movie premiere.
The actress recently shared a sweet story that may make you want to binge-watch the entire series all over again.
Kudrow’s new character has a bubbly and bright personality reminiscent of the free-spirited Phoebe Buffay.
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