lisa leslie

The CBS host faced social media backlash after talking with WNBA star Lisa Leslie about the 2003 charges against the late basketball star.
She learned it from her (very wise) mother.
"It has nothing to do with gender when you’re talking about pick and rolls and X’s and O’s."
My work offers athletes easy-to-understand and practical tools, such as mental imagery, breathing, routines, and keywords, that can be incorporated readily into every part of your overall training program.
"Now if you don't have a center like that ... right now Kobe doesn't have that type of center. What is he doing? He's bringing
There are many of us who are celebrating 40th birthdays this year along with the amendment, including Mia Hamm and Summer Sanders. Together we're of a generation of female athletes who kept our heads down, focusing on the sport itself, while Title IX blazed a trail in front of us.
Leslie is taking on another challenge, helping to grow awareness for a disease that is close to her heart -- her stepdad Tom passed away from liver cancer.
In my work with athletes, I've been able to identify the five most important psychological qualities that distinguish the Wayne Gretzkys and the Candace Parkers from the rest of us.
The Lakers beat the Magic 100-75 in Game 1 of the NBA finals on Thursday night at the Staples Center, and loyal Lakers fans