Lisa Marie Presley

"Let me put this to rest... the girls have not been in foster care and never will be."
Presley and estranged husband Michael Lockwood filed for divorce in June 2016.
The songwriter and actress, who once dated Elvis, recalls the experience in a new memoir.
"When it's this unusual reality in an ivory tower and this God-like life – mixed with an addiction – that's when you get into trouble."
Priscilla Presley is on a mission. Cruelty to animals is never acceptable. Never! Presley made an important stop in Washington, D.C. recently to lobby Congress to pass the 'Prevent All Soring Tactics' (PAST Act) that will strengthen enforcement of the 1970 Horse Protection Act.
"Oprah: Where Are They Now?" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN. "I'm very, very much a very strong and intense lioness mother
Lisa Marie spoke with The Huffington Post to talk about... everything we wanted to ask. Great sport! Honest! We love that! We've included some links to her videos (so worth watching!).
And Lisa Marie Presley, whose father Elvis once said of the religion, "F**k those people. All they want is my money," opened
Lisa Marie Presley's fashion is often as surprising as her relationships. The only child of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley
A letter Michael Jackson wrote to then-wife Lisa Marie Presley has been pulled from an auction at the request of Presley
Because of the organic-ness and the honesty and the Lisa Marie Presley presence on the recordings, do you feel like this might be the closest to the vibe -- not necessarily the recordings -- of what your dad, Elvis, was trying to do?
Vallee was always a big Elvis fan, but he didn't become Big Elvis until about 17 years ago at a show in a nearly empty community
Lisa Marie Presley's fashion past has been rocky. Punctuated by denim cutoffs, frumpy dresses and grungy cargo pants, we