lisa montgomery

Montgomery's lawyers told HuffPost that she was out of touch with reality before she was killed by lethal injection early Wednesday morning.
The government killed Lisa Montgomery despite objections that her mental state rendered her incompetent for execution.
Lisa Montgomery was granted a last-minute stay to allow a court to evaluate her mental health.
After an unprecedented execution spree, the administration hopes to end the lives of three people this week 鈥 including two recovering from COVID-19.
Lisa Montgomery, a mentally ill victim of extreme childhood abuse, will be executed on Jan. 12 unless Trump or the Supreme Court intervenes.
Lisa Montgomery, a mentally ill woman who survived extreme childhood abuse, is scheduled to be executed on Jan. 12.
The Trump administration is moving ahead with the execution of Lisa Montgomery, a mentally ill victim of sex trafficking. Joe Biden opposes the death penalty.
Lisa M. Montgomery's lawyers are sick with COVID-19 after visiting her in prison.
Lawyers for Lisa Montgomery are asking the president to delay her execution until they recover from COVID-19, which they contracted after visiting her in prison.
Lisa Montgomery, a victim of incest and sex trafficking, had her underwear confiscated while awaiting her Dec. 8 execution.