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The founder of a multiracial beauty company shares how she coped after her "personal and professional victory" angered many fans.
The celebratory evening, which recognized women with a commitment to empowerment and achievement in business and entertainment
For 20 years Carol's Daughter has been offering up a bevy of beauty products that are so amazing they have earned the company
Style in the Wild: Interview with Carol Daughter's Founder, Lisa Price
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You've got her eyes, her prepared-for-anything instincts and maybe even her sense of style. But how much of your parenting
"We're so excited about the upcoming launch of the 'Transitioning Movement.' Carol's Daughter has always been a champion
"It's a very wonderful experience when you're blowing our your hair to have this chocolate floral thing going on. Usually
In 2006, Sephora, a beauty products store, began selling Carol's Daughter products. Today, the company's products are among