The photos speak for themselves, but we turned to experts to learn more.
After all the festivities of December follows the inevitable holiday funk. Come mid-January, a magical European traipse sounds
Drug rings, especially from China, are producing more potent, dangerous variants of such opioids to hook new users.
Lisbon is Portugal's coastal capital city, full of charisma, beautifully detailed ceramic tiled buildings, and scenic views
Nearly every speaker at this year's Web Summit in Lisbon promised not to talk too much about the Trump election victory; nearly every speaker then proceeded to talk about it at length. The news hit early on day 2 and was impossible to ignore.
Gourmet Food Circus Mercado da Ribeira (a.k.a. Time Out Market): The big news on Lisbon's eating scene is the transformation
Lisbon Winery Wine Bar and Tapas is a new and casual little hole-in-the-wall with a passion for the best wines, cheeses, and
I love how Europeans embrace their culture with such expertise, passion, and abandon.
Landing in Lisbon, I avoided the long line and aggressive cabbies at the arrivals level and (trying out a tip I share in
I was afraid our decision would look less politically progressive to queer identified friends or colleagues or that my African-American family would register an unequal power dynamic between us in deciding to take another (white) man's name.
Though Lisbon is known as more of an indie rock city, there is a growing passion for electronic here, evident by the always
There's more! Ms. Luís Albuquerque, who has been a sitting member of the Parliament since November when the social democrats
6. Alternative Art Scene in Amsterdam Invite them to see a side of Amsterdam they've probably never seen before while hanging