Are you "autobiographical listening" or practicing "conversational narcissism"? The behavior is more common than you think.
No matter when or where you like to listen to podcasts, you can find the perfect one on this list.
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These behaviors might not seem like a huge deal at first, but experts say they could be sabotaging your friendships.
You can quit, but there are strategies to try first.
Listening is not just about what you hear around you. It's also listening to your inner voice. And it's "listening" to someone's body language and how he or she is expressing him/herself by remaining silent. Much can be heard without anyone saying a word if you are perceptive.
We have all become good at communicating out but not communicating in. We want to be heard but we are not able or willing to hear.
The racial tensions confronting us are painfully puzzling and deeply disturbing. The deterioration of civil discourse across our country is alarming.