"Horrific crimes" were committed under the Soviet hammer and sickle, noted Lithuania's ambassador to the U.S.
At a joint press conference with leaders of the Baltic states, President Donald Trump ordered the president of Latvia not to pick a reporter from the United States, once again calling them “fake news.”
Lithuania crowns its fastest crawling toddler on International Children’s Day.
“We are a NATO member but we are also responsible for our security ourselves.”
At the age of 13, she was confined in the Kovno ghetto, without either her mother or her father. After more than two years
On my first visit to Lithuania, I found my great-grandfather's gravestone in a Jewish cemetery near the town of Rokiskis in the northeast corner of the country.
*Held fancy dinner for South Korea's prez. Woman, but not hot. Big disappointment. Waste of good food. But state dept. wimps
When I revisited Vietnam in recent years, after reporting from the region during the 1970s, I noted how its rulers had won their wars against France and the United States only to lose out on the economic front, as Communism put them a quarter century behind the roaring "tigers" of East Asia. Now they are struggling to catch up by offering their cheap labor to international investors.
A U.S. intelligence official suggested the move could be a gesture to express displeasure with NATO.
There's no doubt that anti-Semitism is alive and well in Lithuania today. Yet an opposite tendency - a desire among Lithuanians to remember and honor the Jewish past - is also plain to see.
Disagreeing with Trump is easy. Often he's wrong, imagining that Americans are incapable of competing with other nations economically. Sometimes his argument is overwhelmed by specific insults and general incivility. Even when he's right, he's usually incapable of nuance. In the case of NATO it's the latter.
Trump, NATO and the Baltics - heed the hard-earned lessons. By: Joergen Oerstroem Moeller. For the third time since 1945
"This discovery is a heartwarming witness to the victory of hope over desperation."