The undefeated softball team posted a photo of themselves giving their crushed competitors the middle finger.
A 29-run baseball game featuring an eight-run comeback? YES.
These Little Leaguers from Uganda and Taiwan are beacons of sportsmanship.
A long time ago, I cheered for my adorable smiling preschooler as he hit the tee, and finally the ball after his fifth swing. The following year, I asked Nikolas if he'd like to play T-ball again and he replied, "No, baseball is a waste of my life." A few years passed and Nikolas announced he'd like to give the sport another try.
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I often wonder if Robin Roberts ever knew that, at least for me, he was the impetus of helping change the attitudes of those parents who ruin, for so many kids, what would have been a great, fun experience in their lives.
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Stefanoni's claims about Darien blocking affordable housing mirror those of another housing developer, who has also sued