little richard

Other celebrities joined the "Becoming" author, who applauded the rock 'n' roll pioneer's "refusal to be anything other than himself."
The flamboyant rock 'n' roll legend, who rose to fame in the 1950s with hits like "Tutti Frutti," was the proud architect of a style that took over the world.
Does Little Richard feel more welcome among a group of homophobes than he does among the wider gay community?
At home and with straight faces, Steve, Ellen and I would march around the room singing the Christian hymnals we had to sing
Pat Boone was among the many white artists of the 1950s and '60s who built their careers recording songs originally performed by black Rhythm & Blues artists. Tonight, he responds to criticisms that he and other white singers profited much more than the African American musicians whose songs they covered.
On the occasion of my friend Micki Pellerano's solo show at American Medium in Brooklyn, I spoke to him about the things that matter to him: drawing, growing down, experiencing pain, pop music and of course love.
Little Kids Rock is a national non-profit that trains public school teachers in under served neighborhoods throughout the United States, providing students in grades K-12 with free instruments. Their mission is simple: Ensure a children's right to rock!
My father, the songwriter Carl Sigman, was a rational man and his anti-rock screeds had their own internal logic: "It's noise," therefore "it's not music." Ipso facto, "they should call it something else." QED.
10. Mick Jagger is an executive producer of the film and closed a show that Mr. Brown was in. Welcome to America boys. And
Four guys stand under a street lamp, singing their hearts out. That's the iconic vision of Doo-wop/pop groups like The Four Seasons. The Tony Award-winning Broadway musical Jersey Boys puts a name and face to that image.