Spoiler alert for Season 5, Episode 3, "High Sparrow" Arya won't give up Needle Arya must relinquish all aspects of her identity
Redditor HGSIOUHGIR put forth a very crazy theory that suggests the show's writers will give Lady Stoneheart's role to Sansa
Littlefinger is going on trial There will be "The Trial of Littlefinger" in Episode 8, which Graves described as the beginning
Now that Arya's been killing and stabbing men like it's nothing, all bad guys should avoid getting added to her list. Too
Littlefinger and Lysa sex = ew. Some thoughts: Cersei opened up a little bit and revealed more of her softer side this episode
The infinite and mesmerizing complexity of the feminine was embodied by the incredible women of Game of Thrones in this past episode, "Garden of Bones."