Live Action

“It is very concerning that a letter from a group of senators can silence the voices of medical and scientific experts,” said a doctor who flagged the false info.
The site had blocked the group's content for several months before axing it.
"Loving Vincent," the first ever oil-painted feature film, pays tribute to Vincent van Gogh by bringing 94 of his works to life.
This isn't Live Acton's first attack on the health care provider.
Deceptively edited videos by self-proclaimed "citizen journalists" making easily disprovable claims have become a key tool in the right's playbook. We can't let them get away with it this time.
The sting video, produced by the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress, shows Planned Parenthood physician Dr. Deborah
"Every provider has had patients want to donate their tissue, and they absolutely want to accommodate them," Nucatola says
On the provider side, bombings, arsons, vandalism, burglaries, shootings, harassment and stalking are par for the course
The videos are likely to cause a stir, especially with attention fixated on the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was charged