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Fans screamed as the 56-year-old singer tumbled into the crowd.
The "Everything Is Love" singer got down safely thanks to an emergency ladder.
Singletary was mentored by country legend Randy Travis before going out on his own.
"There’s so many talented Afro-Latinos all around the world but we’re not given the same opportunities based off the way that we look," she said.
Controversies aside, have we stopped to consider that maybe he's just corny?
He brought down the house, but didn't bring out Janet Jackson or N*SYNC.
"A Queen. An Icon. Black History. Black Present. Black Future."
“I’m so devastated I don’t know how to describe it."
Pink was one of the women shut out at this year's Grammys. Her performance on Sunday night was a quiet spectacle anyway.
The Album of the Year nominee reportedly wasn't asked to perform solo. But there was plenty of airtime for Sting.
In 1998, we were all hungry for a diva vs. diva showdown. Twenty years later, the two stars want to set the record straight.
The songwriter behind some of 2017's biggest tracks talks Trump, sexuality and the artists he wants to write with next.
"I have a rule that none of my music can sound like anything I’ve done before or like anything I’ve heard."
"My hope is that the boy's clubs will simmer down and give women more opportunities."
With "Boy Goin' Nowhere," Brandon Stansell recalls his coming out struggles.
The singer-songwriter opens up about collaborating with Ed Sheeran, and why Miranda Lambert is "the best."