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Feathers soft as …. Brass: Federspiel at WOMEX 2015 from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo. Among the array of fine bands that are
I felt like I had one leg out and one leg in the television screen... Fridays are like a wild card for me... On this day
In the worlds of burlesque, cabaret and queer performance there's no hotter couple right now than Kitten N' Lou.
A Rainy Night in Georgia from Michal Shapiro on Vimeo. For more information about Teatraluris Kvarteti, contact: l.kervalidze
Musicals and rock operas have seen a myriad of genres for every type of music fan, however there is a new style of theater emerging for the counter-culture that will truly redefine theater.
Against a stunning backdrop, for a minute or two, we're all submerged in the sweet gift of music, bouncing off of earth and
The people who came to the show were there to dance the Kizomba, (which Flores brought to prominence) and the Semba, the down home dance music of Angola that is used for both celebration and mourning.
Actors tend to make better waiters. Performers juggle the bread sticks too much. I hate that. What type of things need to