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Tovah Klein discusses why understanding kindness is so important to a child’s education.
Steven Soderbergh discusses his hit film "Magic Mike."
Associate Director-at-Large at Lawrence Livermore National Lab Jane Long joins Josh to discuss emerging technologies that may help us to fight climate change.
Marvin Russell, Sarah Willie-LeBreton, and Veena Goel Crownholm join HuffPost Live to discuss the challenge of being multi-racial in America.
"Love & Basketball" director Gina Prince-Bythewood joins HuffPost Live to discuss Hollywood's excuse for not casting black actors.
Anne Thompson joins Ricky to discuss the scheduled sequels to "Avatar" and why this summer's successful films all seem to come from existing franchises.
Colorado has released the world's first ever market study of legal marijuana sales, and Coloradans are smoking a lot more pot than first expected. So how do recreational and medical prices compare? Can legal pot prices compete with the black market?
Alyona Minkovski sits down with Steve-O to talk about how he got into the business of hurting himself and his worst accident.
Over the past few decades, salaries and working conditions for airport employees have eroded. HuffPost Live's Zach Carter finds out what has caused this change, and what workers are doing to fight for a living wage.
Toni Collette describes what film kickstarted her career.