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Drum roll, please. Kelly Ripa announced her new co-host on ‘Live With Kelly’ — and he’s no stranger to TV.
Kelly Ripa urged the "Watch What Happens Live" host to get a spot on his lip checked out.
The television personality and former NFL star will start his full time duties at GMA in September. Until then we assume he'll still be on Kelly and Michael for a few shows but the LIVE producers will have to start bringing in possible co-hosts to audition. For now we'll assume Kelly will return to the show after the drama, but this should make for interesting morning tv in the meantime.
We're officially entering fall in the hair world. How do we know? 'Tis the season of sleek bobs.
Kelly Ripa debuted her new 'do on "Live With Kelly and Michael" Tuesday, pleasantly surprising the audience with a more streamlined
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Strahan said once he was in Ripa's arms, he started calming down and flashing that famous gap-toothed smile. Now in its 30th
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