Climate change is one of those topics that practically dares you to step up to it. We know it exists and we know it's critical, but it's so enormous that it's hard to wrap your head around it. We see the receding ice caps and dwindling numbers of polar bears; we see the cyclones, floods, droughts and hurricanes -- yet somehow where it's all headed seems so far away.
I love the New York Yankees, but I'll be honest with you. After this week's tragedy in Boston, I began to wonder if it would ever feel safe to attend a game again. If the Boston event confirmed one thing to us, it's that mass violence has officially entered the public square, and that we can never know who -- or what -- the next target will be.
Last year, Time magazine reported that more than a third of American women are now the family breadwinner, yet still "lag behind men in actions crucial to building wealth and security, such as investing and having a long-term money plan." That's not very cheerful news. When it comes to financial matters, it is vital that we empower ourselves to take control and take advantage of every opportunity to make our money work for us.
For all of the wonderful things that come with spring -- the sun, the flowers, the singing birds, even the spring cleaning -- there is one aspect of the season that is not so wonderful: allergies!
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love when things are organized. When I first moved in with my husband and his teenage boys, I actually color-coded their towels. It worked! And my desk is an organizational work of art -- pens over there, paperwork over here and a typed to-do list just to be sure I get it all done.