“My greatest fear is that animals run out of food and water and they get stuck on the ships," said an Animals International representative.
The Peace N Peas Farm charges $50 to have one of its animals liven up a tedious virtual meetings.
Painting stripes on cows can be amusing -- and it has serious advantages for cattle and humans, according to a study.
Proposition 12 may change the way farms nationwide treat their chickens, pigs and calves.
Factory farming risks pushing us into a post-antibiotic world, but consumers are demanding change.
An auction house manager had told the New York Post he thought Fred the goat may have helped dozens of other animals go on the lam.
An Obama-era rule meant to help livestock farmers fight meat industry abuses could be on death row.
Doctors say the overuse of antibiotics on farms presents a massive public health risk.
Sunday, October 16 is World Food Day, and this year's theme is "Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too." The relationship between agriculture and the environment is the crux of much of Heifer International's work in the field.
If the initiative passes, this is a big deal, not only because Montana has a lot of public lands--one third of the state or 50,000 square miles--and a long trapping tradition, but it will punctuate the growing shift to keeping state public lands safer for everybody.