The Amazon-owned livestreaming platform said two recent streams on the president's channel prompted the suspension.
Every once in a while, a visual image married to a new technology comes along that both changes everything about news, but also marks a turning point in the relationship between information and society.
The footage disappeared from the social network for about an hour, and users want to know why.
The answer is, "a great deal!" Despite initial skepticism from some in social media, live streaming or live video is not
"Roker Labs has been airing original live programming on Facebook for a few months now and have been really pleased. The
My number one tip for you is, if you really want to start broadcasting on Periscope but feel nervous, start today!
When I discovered Periscope through an online group called Freedom Hackers Mastermind on Facebook I was more than excited!!!! I had been waiting for a live stream platform to come into the market, especially an easy to use app like Periscope.
The future of journalism has arrived, and it can be found in the hand of a livestreamer. Livestreaming the news is still a revolutionary concept, often accompanied by risk, but we deliver the news as it should be: Close up and in real time!
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Bloomberg News is the only news organization to provide a free, live version of its linear television programming in the U.S. online. And it will soon expand its live streaming to Apps too.