living alone

"With many households now debating their holiday plans, a large number of people will face the prospect of yet another holiday season on their own."
Feeling lonely during the coronavirus pandemic is normal. Therapists share little ways to feel more connected in isolation.
When your living situation becomes a living nightmare.
“It’s healthy to be around others, but it's also healthy to be comfortable enough to spend time by yourself.”
This holiday season I plan to enjoy the small moments a little more, appreciate that my children are with me this year and simply breathe it all in.
Loneliness is an emotion that doesn't always make a lot of sense. Two people may have very similar social lives, and yet one might feel isolated more often than the other -- even when surrounded by people they know and love, who know and love them back.
"Pooping with the door open. You'll never know a truer form of freedom."
The ability to be alone is essential to eventually being in a relationship. It is our self-love that attracts a partner that is right for us. Being alone teaches us to accept ourselves, forgive ourselves, and finally to bloom ourselves open to love again.