living together

Should you and your partner live apart for a while — or forever?
When it comes to your emotional health, the 'marriage benefit' might not be as big a deal as you thought.
When it comes to moving in together, you both have to make a conscious choice to make it work. Be sure that you both think things through and openly discuss anyissues.
Whichever way you choose to be partnered, married or not, there is a strong case to be made for individualizing your partnership, either in a marital plan or a cohabiting plan.
I urge boomers to ignore any pressure to marry again quickly, whether from a partner, friends, or relatives. This is your life and it's entirely your decision. Neither my partner nor I choose to marry, but we both feel living together is a viable option.
Do I mind that my stepkids are referred to as leftover "baggage?" You bet, I do.
For someone trying to demonstrate that a former spouse is living with someone else in an effort to have an alimony obligation reduced or terminated, the job of collecting evidence is much easier today.
It IS possible to live in harmony with your significant other.