living with parents

I’m 23, and I still live with my parents. Since I graduated college two years ago, I’ve barely reached the six-month mark
Empty nests are becoming a thing of the past.
I turn 24-years old in June. I graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious NESCAC school, have lived abroad and in New York City, and am lucky enough to have a rewarding, financially sound career. And, I live at home with my parents--out of choice.
How often does this happen? That rare opportunity when, after years of struggle and uncertainty, the storm clouds part and all your hard choices pay off. When the big picture is finally revealed -- and suddenly, it all makes sense.
9. And when you come home crying because you're not sure what you're doing in life, you'll have a built-in support system
America's skyrocketing student loan debt may be keeping young people from moving out of their parents' homes. Nicholas Wyman joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
In Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Vermont, the share of 25-year-olds living at home had grown by 20 percentage points
There are few shames more mildly embarrassing, moderately irritating, and sadly prevalent in today’s day and age than the