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“The loss is Wyoming’s and the country’s,” he added, about her recent decision to withdraw from the race. Cowboy PAC — which
On Monday, Simpson, who has often seemed at pains over the conflict, sounded relieved that the intraparty fight, which strained
Liz Cheney released a statement early Monday confirming plans to end her Senate bid, Politico reported.
The campaign also sparked a notable family feud when Cheney asserted she was "not pro-gay marriage." The comment offended
Liz Cheney, whose upstart bid to unseat Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi sparked a round of warfare in the Republican Party and even
Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney (R) released a new campaign ad on Monday featuring her daughters touting the family's
Lewis hypotheticals like so, "Can you imagine RFK speaking out publicly against JFK during his Senate campaign?" Over at
Political dramas in the nation's capital usually partake more of Scandal or SNL than of Shakespeare, but we may need the Bard's unrivaled eye for profound family discord to tell the full story of the Cheneys right now. There are more than a few similarities between former Vice President Dick Cheney and King Lear: old men obsessed with the loss of power, attempting to pass their kingdoms on to ambitious daughters, each served by a loyal Fool for whom he cared to a pitiable degree. Cheney's even had the (White House) court jester's name of "Scooter." Like Lear, Dick Cheney seems destined to watch his family torn apart by his daughters' ambitions and beliefs -- and his own hubris.
The rift between the two daughters of Vice President Dick Cheney had spilled into public view earlier that day during a Sunday
Cheney was asked to clarify her position on gay marriage during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," after host Chris Wallace